Social Responsibility
It is our goal to reach a level of excellence in the service of our clients, through a team which is familiar with and rigorously adheres to our mission and vision, which performs its respective functions with dedication, and which contributes to the overall growth and improvement of our company through commitment and a strong work ethic.

We work closely with MIVAH and BANHVI in all of our affordable housing projects, in order to guarantee residents homes built according to their particular needs.

We strive, furthermore, to fulfill some of the most pressing needs of the regions in which we develop our projects, contributing to the construction of such facilities as schools and nursing homes where these may be lacking.

Environmental Responsibility
“Small actions lead to big change.”

On Saturday, April 6, a group of volunteers from Park Slope Development got together to dedicate the morning to clean a sector of the Torres River as part of our first Environmental Day, in Barrio Los Ledezma, in San José. A group of 50 volunteers from different parts of the GAM met from 7:30 a.m in the Parque Urbanización Cristal to start with the working groups led by members of Amigos del Río Torres.

This association has been working for 4 years in the awareness, cleaning, reforestation and appropriation of public spaces around the Torres River at different points along its way through the capital.
The Friends of the Torres River aspire to have a Torres River alive, healthy, accessible and safe and turn it into an urban axis relevant to the social, recreational, cultural and economic life of San José.

Those of us who had the opportunity to attend this activity were very happy and satisfied to have participated in this first day of volunteering and have contributed a little bit for the conservation of the environment.
1874 pounds of garbage less in the Torres River, two new entrances to the river, fertilizer and irrigation of trees that were planted last winter were the results of this mission. A great job!

Our company assumes a strong environmental commitment, reflected in the development of each of our projects. At the same time, it is our intention to create environmental awareness among the families we serve. The placement of solar panels on each of the houses we build, the use of LED lightbulbs, and the illumination of some areas by sunlight filtered through acrylic domes, have all contributed significantly to a reduction in energy usage. A recycling system comprised of clearly identifiable bins is included in each home and common area, and the use of grass block pavers in the place of concrete aids in heat reduction.

For each project, we carefully examine our carbon footprint, and make every possible effort to neutralize it. We plant local trees in order to preserve biological corridors, and carefully carry out our construction procedures according to the standards of the Green Building Council.