Park Slope Development is a company interested in the promotion of social well-being and overall growth through unique solutions for the housing market in Costa Rica.

Our aim is to provide housing solutions for low-income and middle-class families so as to help improve the quality of life of the populations we serve.

  • Excellence: we act with passion, knowledge and skill, in order to optimally satisfy the internal and external client, highlighting the quality of the work and achieving the expected results.
  • Commitment: we make the greatest effort to carry out our work, to satisfy our clients, achieve goals and desires, seeking membership and involvement within the organizationn.
  • Integrity: our management adapts to the principles and values ​​of the organization, always acting honestly, with ethics and transparency.
  • Solidarity: we unconditionally support any progress initiative with a sense of cooperation and mutual help, to carry out a special task.
  • Innovation: we promote the continuous improvement and application of new ideas to achieve the highest quality, with criteria of profitability, solidity and efficiency.
  • Customer service: it is the responsibility of the areas of the organization to work in a professional and constant manner, providing a comprehensive service, to achieve the full satisfaction of our internal and external customers.