Our designation as a private firm focused on public service allows us to guarantee the quality of our products, while at the same time holding our partners accountable for the efficient management of resources. It permits us to adopt an innovative focus with respect to each of our business models—both in their physical and technological infrastructure, as well as align ourselves with the latest demands of the housing market.

We are members of the following organizations:

  • College of Engineering and Architecture (CC-07784): A prestigious association which establishes and evaluates technical criteria related to engineering and architecture, as well as the development of special projects meant to boost the competitiveness of Costa Rican companies, specifically in the area of construction.

  • US Green Building: The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable design and construction in the United States.

  • SICOP:
    The Costa Rican government’s official online platform for public purchases.

  • MEIC:
    The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce was created in June, 1977 as a provision of Law N6054. It is the governing body in charge of public policies regarding the development of the private sector, and which aims to foster entrepreneurship in the areas of industry, commerce and service, with a particular focus on small and medium businesses.

  • Costa Rican Chamber of Construction:
    Has worked for over 45 years in the development and strengthening of the quality of construction in Costa Rica, focusing on the maximization of efficiency and competitiveness through the search for creative resources and alternatives. The Chamber strives furthermore to promote a positive social impact, as well as the technical perfection of its partners.